Rochelle Denning knows what it is like to feel helpless to a loved one. She saw the many challenges her mother faced with Multiple Sclerosis; her mobility and dexterity were compromised so much so that simple, everyday tasks became difficult, including getting dressed. Denning desperately wanted to help make her mother’s life easier, while helping her retain some dignity and independence.

For Denning, her desire and passion became the catalyst for her company. It all started with recreating the simplest item that everyone seems to take for granted – underwear – but for those who struggle to take care of themselves in certain ways, it would mean the world; a return of dignity and independence. EasyUndies Medical Garments helps individuals with a variety of challenges from arthritis, MS, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, developmental disorders, stroke victims, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, chronic disease any grasping and grabbing challenges and symptoms of the typical aging process.

For Denning, it is important that an individual can easily put EasyUndies on whether standing, sitting or lying down. No more bending or balancing acts which increase risks of an individual hurting themselves. Most important was that they would be truly comfortable.

“It was really painful for me to watch my mother struggle with the simple everyday things that most of us take for granted,” said Denning. “I wanted to do anything to make her life easier. Now, I can help make dignity and independence a possibility again for millions who deal with this challenge daily.”

Rochelle Denning lives in the Greater New York City area with her husband and children.


Make it Easier

EasyUndies is passionately devoted to providing an easy, comfortable underwear experience for people with virtually any condition that limits the range of motion. It’s our belief that something as simple as putting on and taking off underwear should be as easy and pain-free as possible.

During development, we strove to perfect the function of EasyUndies, but we were also driven to make the garments look and feel like regular underwear because we think maintaining a person’s dignity is essential.

A deep sense of obligation to our customers fuels the spirit of innovation at EasyUndies. It keeps us endlessly curious and focused on finding new ways to improve and expand our product line.

Our customers face challenges; it’s our job to offer solutions – to make things easier.